Quebec Film Festival Screenings For Paysages Mixtes | Mixed Landscapes

Still from Paysages Mixtes | Mixed Landscapes (2019), performed and directed by Katrina McPherson and Harold Rheaume. Image: Brian Hartley.

Having had its Scottish premiere at the Rise Festival in Moray in May 2019, I am delighted to say that Paysages Mixtes/Mixed Landscapes, a dance film made in collaboration with my dearest friend and artistic soulmate Harold Rheaume, will have its international premiere at the Festival de Cinema de la Ville de Quebec on 17th and 18th September 2019.

I am also thrilled to announce that I have been awarded funding from Creative Scotland for the further distribution of this work.

Paysages Mixtes| Mixed Landscapes is a series of duets and solos, filmed in evocative rural and urban landscapes in Quebec and Scotland. In it, Katrina and Harold move through nuanced versions of the duo’s relationship. In response to this brand new film work, Karl Jay-Lewin has written: ‘First impressions: Full of history and fragments of stories, at times quite unworldly, unnerving and a touch frightening. […] The work is dense, yet it is the absence of everything in between the fragments, the absence of words, which makes it so powerful”.

© 2017  Katrina McPherson